"I totally just leveled up, this is awesome."

Tobias Ezekiel Fenwick
Alias Toby, Ziggy
Affiliation Traditions,Verbena
Rank Initiate
Age 42
Zodiac Libra
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown, white Mallen Streak
Height 6'4"
Profession Bookstore Owner
Face Claim Michael Fitzpatrick
Player Angie

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Quotes Edit

  • "Right, yes, I'm sure having a forty-year-old man lurking outside the Women's Study building won't look odd in the least..."
  • "Well Bernie, this might be the multiple concussions talking, but good to meet you."
  • "But-- but I'm so old!"
  • "I barely play for any team these days, but if I ever get called in from the dugout I'm definitely hitting towards your outfield. Er, not your outfield, specifically, but-- not that I wouldn't, you're very attractive, I-- no, wait, that-- god sports metaphors are hard..."
  • "Oh god, it's just like the old gypsy woman said it would be!"