"Jesus isn't here, can I take a message?"

Sink Cat
Alias Loretta
Affiliation Enlightened Familiar
Age ??
Zodiac ??
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black and white fur
Height 13"
Profession Familiar
Face Claim N/A
Player NPC

History Edit

Background Edit

No one knows just where Sink Cat came from or why he's been lurking around the same haunt for far longer than any normal house cat possibly could, and he's not exactly answering any questions.

Continuing Adventures Edit

Sink Cat earned a few of his nine lives back after getting in the crossfire of one of Lydia's contained spells, and visibly looks younger as a result. He helped Tobias successfully complete his Seeking, and currently lives the man's house, keeping an eye on... things.

Death Edit

To be added.

Personality Edit

To be added.

Appearance Edit

While it's unknown whether or not Sink Cat is inhabiting his original form, he currently looks like your average Tuxedo Cat.

Relations Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "I just wanna know where the rest of them are..."
  • "Screw you, Pongo."
  • "You're a sharp one, you know that?"