"Was that an epic entrance? Yes it was, Other Larry. Yes. It. Was."

Larry Trent
Alias Agent Trent, T-900, Other Larry
Affiliation Technocracy, Iteration-X
Rank Initiate
Age 36
Zodiac Leo
Gender Male
Eye Color Red (due to cybernetics)
Hair Color Blond
Height 6'0"
Profession Ex-ARES field agent
Face Claim Ryan Gosling
Player NPC

History Edit

Background Edit

Once one of the A.R.E.S. Initiative's most promising field agents, something (read: Irving) happened along the way to make him crack. A talented cybernetic engineer, Larry is more machine than man these days, and uses his robotic additions to help him achieve his all-encompassing goal of wreaking havoc on those damn idiots in A.R.E.S.

Continuing Adventures Edit

To be added.

Death Edit

Larry keeps getting taken down by any number of ARES field agents, and yet, he seems to keep coming back...

Personality Edit

Larry is, in a nutshell, bat-fucking-crazy.

Appearance Edit

Tall, blond, built like a MAC truck with more cybernetic parts than biological ones.

Spheres Edit

To be added.

Avatar Edit

The Six Million Dollar Man

Relations Edit

  • N/A"

Quotes Edit

  • "Reading's overrated. Takes too long to get to the good stuff. You know, like the part where I blow your dick off and make you eat it."
  • "I'll let you both beg me to spare your lives before I turn your brains into mashed potatoes. Pink, viscousy mashed potatoes."
  • "Probably shouldn't call the guy with the rocket launcher an asshole. I hear that lowers your life expectancy by like, half. And I gotta tell you, it's already pretty low."
  • "I'm gonna ride your ass you... ass!"