"For a better tomorrow, yesterday."

A.R.E.S. Initiative
Affiliation Enlightened
Leader Antoinette Bonner
Parent Faction Technocracy
Nicknames N/A

Background Edit

The Technocracy is at a crossroads. The Union finds itself with new leadership for the first time in centuries, the end of the Ascension War, the notable decline of global influence, and increasing animosity and rivalries between Conventions; every problem is a crack in the Monolith that is the Technocratic Union and these cracks must not be allowed to become fissures.

That is where the Analysis and Reconnaissance of Enlightened Security Initiative (or the A.R.E.S. Initiative) comes in. A.R.E.S. exists for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the world at large. There are things that go bump in the night, whose very existence is a literal and immediate danger to humanity as a whole, above and beyond the mimetic threats that have occupied the Union during the Ascension War. A.R.E.S. was created to deal with these threats, gathering intelligence and acting against these threats before they can threaten humanity as a whole. Espionage and surveillance are their stock and trade, eschewing both the open warfare of the now defunct Pogrom and the political assassinations of Invictus/Panopticon, A.R.E.S. instead uses spycraft to build a better world.

Unfortunately, A.R.E.S. is still a very new organization. As such, funding and personnel are both constant issues for the Initiative. Requisitioning funds is a constant game of red tape and challenges. The vast majority of the individuals recruited to the Initiative are as hand picked as Bonner claims they are... Just that they were handpicked from the ranks of the criminals, rogues, under-performers, and otherwise problematic individuals within the Union. She has managed to put together a quite effective crew, all things considered, but the stigma of being an organization of pariahs and weirdos is hard to shake.

While A.R.E.S. is not the first organization of its kind, it is the first Technocratic Initiative to have cooperation with “acceptably sympathetic” Reality Deviants. While no R.D. is permitted full membership in A.R.E.S., they are often recruited as temporary back-up or as sub-contracted consultant.

The following agents have been requisitioned from their places within other organizations and Conventions throughout the Union and are requested to report to the A.R.E.S. Construct immediately, which is currently disguised as a laundromat/apartment building in downtown Brooklyn.

Organization Edit

To be added.

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